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For those who don’t want to deep dive into what the network effect is I will give you the smallest TLDR in existence:

“A network effect is when a product becomes more valuable as more people use it. “

What is a network effect?

So a network effect is an economic effect that describes a product or service where additional users add value to the network. When a network effect is present, each new user adds value to the product by entering the network. This in turn, incentivises new users to join the network, adding more value to it; this goes on and on


One of my favourite concepts of Blockchain is the Marketplace. On one hand, a marketplace built on Blockchain technology makes complete sense — after all, Blockchain is all about decentralisation and removing middlemen. On the other hand, marketplaces today are globally complex behemoths, which need massive amounts of management and administration.

Questions start to grow when you look at the reality of servicing a marketplace and the high customer expectations set by the current retail world leaders. There are many questions, which affect customer services, around delivery, marketing, quality, and many other issues.

A Blockchain-based marketplace will grow (some are…

Scalability has been a huge issue in the Blockchain space since its conception in 2009. This is due to the fact that as a Blockchain grows, so does the amount of data stored on each node thus, slowing down the system. This is a critical issue because Blockchain has outgrown its cryptocurrency roots and is now looking at industries such as supply chain, part of the FinTech world, real estate, and many more industries.

To be able to achieve its full potential, Blockchain has to be able to grow exponentially without becoming too slow or bogging down the computers on…

For those who don’t even have 5 minutes here is a TLDR:

“Hash trees (merkle trees), is a tree in which every node is labelled with a cryptographic hash of a data block. Hash trees can be used to verify any kind of data stored, handled and transferred in and between computers. They can help to ensure that data blocks received from other peers in a peer to peer network as received undamaged and unaltered. “

So lets discuss Merkle trees, when it comes to Blockchain we have lots of blocks and these blocks will be connected together through the…

If you have been following this 14 part article series I would like to thank-you, we have covered all the foundational knowledge of Blockchain and I hope you feel much more well equip to now explore more use cases, I will link all previous articles at the bottom for all to read.

One of the best parts about being a new technology and decentralised in nature is that it enables organisations of any size to get involved. …

One business function that every entity should carry out on a regular basis is forecasting and budgeting. Any business that needs to manage a large amount of resources (i.e people, assets, transactions, partners, etc.) needs to assess its budgets and forecasting for the future this takes a large amount of planing and time.

In the current state of business forecasting and budgeting usually comprises of a large planning system or a set of overly complex spreadsheets. These use forecasting metric and levers to assess what the future could possibly look like.

Once the enterprise is working, there is a need…

Miracle Of St. Mark By Tintoretto

When exploring Blockchain it is easy to get caught up in the hype of how it’s going to revolutionise the world and solve all of our current issues. Whilst Blockchain does offer a lot of great solutions to problems we have, it is not without its drawbacks and potential negatives changes to society.

The Like Button

When Justin Rosenstein at Facebook invented the like button his original goal was to create a way for people to be able to spread positivity with others, on the surface it is a great idea to be able to interact with someone's post and show support.


Blockchain is going to drastically transform the world, but how will the world look in 2025

As we start to end out this 14 part series (I will link all other posts at the bottom), we are going to be focusing on the future of Blockchain and what that could possibly hold. So as I currently write this, the year is 2021, and I believe this is going to be a huge year for Blockchain. I think with the recent traction of Bitcoin again, it will give birth to many new use cases for the technology. In this article, we are going to explore some of them.

The Year For Enterprise

I truly believe that we are in the testing…

Global shipping is a huge topic and encompasses many different elements such as regulations within global trade which has been covered in another article which can be seen here. As this is a huge topic we are just going to be looking at it from a holistic point of view so that if you want you can go ahead and do your own additional research afterwards.

Global Shipping And Freight

As it currently stands the shipping market is really heavily paper-based, involving a significant numbers of parties that exist within a vast ecosystem. …

How can GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Blockchain co-exist with one another? what needs to be changed for there to be a future for Blockchain? Within this article we are going to explore where we currently stand and some proposed solutions

This regulation gives citizens control over who is allowed to collect their personal data and what happens with it, it is the reason why you are asked to confirm cookies use when entering a website.

Companies globally are now working quickly to ensure that they comply with the new regulations because otherwise, they will face fines; so how…

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