Hey, so the way it works is similar to Proof of Authority, the Devvio Proof of Validation is a consensus mechanism in which validators collect transactions and randomly take turns proposing new blocks on a chain. Other validators send cryptographically secure messages confirming the block is valid, and the proposing validator adds the block, including the validation message once 51% of the validators have verified the block.

Devvio is different as it is the first Blockchain to benchmark results of over 2,500,000 transactions per second, processed on-chain. The benchmarking test refers to transactions validated within the blocks of a public Blockchain. For comparison Bitcoin can process approximately 5 transactions person and the Via network can handle 24,000 transactions per second.

The Devcash (Devvio) approach is extremely efficient and green when compared to other consensus approaches like Proof-of-Work based protocols such as Bitcoin.

Hope this has cleared some stuff up!

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